Hiragana Play

Japanese language basic, learn hiragana, katakana, arithmetic, find difference, drawing, painting, maze, plentiful fun.
have fun. You can challenge it in summer holiday.

・By this APP that you can learn something while having fun and touching.
*Learn Japanese language basic, hiragana, katakana, arithmetic, find difference, drawing, painting, maze, play the piano, number play, plentiful fun.
*When you write is over, the app will check it automatically.
*May be difficult to play find difference stages, let's clear it with parents.
*For parents, we provide settings for availability of each function.
*All the content is packaged within the app. No need download connection when you play.
*Use iPad version, can get better experience.

Update 1.4
    ◉Added 8 kinds of auxiliary drawing tools such as circle, star and heart to the drawing unit.
    ◉Added 4 kinds of animation tools, of course, the stars you draw will blink.
    ◉Added trumpet and violin to the instrument practice.

Update 1.3
    ◉Added pronunciation emoji to hiragana scribbles.
    ◉Added drum set and 50 types of percussion instruments.
    ◉Added tubular bells to instrument practice.

Update 1.2
    ◉Update to support with iPhone 12 series, iOS 14.
    ◉Added undo-redo functions in the drawing unit.

Update 1.1
    ◉Added 96 new color pens in the drawing unit.
    ◉New function, you can select pictures from albums as drawing templates.
    ◉The illustration creation will be more convenient, support switching background.

Free download for experience.

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