Sudoku Fan

Sudoku is a classic puzzle number reasoning game.
The rules are simple and easy to play, now it is very popular among beginners and advanced players. There are now world-class competitions every year.
You can easily purchase Sudoku question sets in Japanese bookstores.

Some studies have shown that playing Sudoku can effectively stimulate brain activity and prevent brain aging.
At the same time, Sudoku is also a casual game used to train logical thinking, cultivate patience and relieve stress.

Basic rule:
- Enter any number from 1 to 9 in the empty space.
- The same number must not be entered more than once in each of the vertical and horizontal columns and in the block surrounded by the thick line.

Our Sudoku game has improved the operation method of filling numbers.
You only need to drag and drop to complete the filling, overwriting and deleting operations.
Minimize unnecessary clicks. No need for pencils and erasers.
Are you a Sudoku fan? Let's experience it together.

◉ Five difficulty levels: beginner, easy, normal, difficult, expert. With a total of more than 10,000 levels design
◉ Contains basic 4x4 beginner mode and 9x9 standard mode
◉ Support range highlighting, repeated highlighting
◉ Support background switching
◉ Leave the board, the game will be automatically saved and resume
◉ Smart reminder, don’t worry when you are trapped
◉ This app is available on both iPhone and iPad

Free download for experience.

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